Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Closing Tonight: Williams Show Lambs Online Sale

SALE LINK: http://www.ssponlinesales.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?ssponline14/category/ALL

Every year the excitement takes over in show families when it’s time to assemble that year’s show string. Williams Show Lambs understands that excitement and has brought you a set of prospects in our first sale of the year that we feel should find a place in the most elite show barns in the nation.

If you’re dreaming of a state fair champion, why not buy a lamb by not just one, but two Championdrive.com “Man of the Year” winners, Bulletproof and Fictitious. These rams have proven that they will sire champions year in and year out, and this year’s crop certainly looks like their best yet. In addition, for those with a taste for off breeds, we’re offering a powerful speckle and Dorset in this offering that can get you into the champion drive. Williams Show Lambs has been making sheep for years that the nations best feeders count on to perform and win at the highest level. Put one of these guys or gals in your barn and see why we’ve developed a reputation for champions!