Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Opening Today - Primetime Genetics Online Show Lamb Sale

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We Got YOUR Goat!

Looking for your next show goat - SSP has what you need! Check out these premier goat sales held on showstockplanet.com this week!
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Bidding Open: Reynolds Club Lambs Online Sale

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IL Club Lamb Association Online Sale - Ending Soon!

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CLM Show Lambs Online Sale -Ending Tonight!

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Bidding Open for the Rudicel & Leininger Online Sale!

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Mullikin & Fine Bros Online Show Lamb Sale - Bidding Underway!

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Bidding Open - Musselman & Pottebaum Online Sale

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Bidding Open: VanAernam Show Goats Online Sale

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Bidding Underway: Shroyer Show Stock Online Sale

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Sale Ends Tonight - Amthauer Club Lambs Online Sale

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Closing Tonight: Williams Elite Online Production Sale

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